Water Heater Inspection and Testing

Technician inspecting the bottom of a water heater unit while writing on a clipboard.

Check Your Water Heater Annually

When there’s something amuck with your water heater it may be a good idea to get a water heater inspection in Huntington Beach, CA with Top Shelf Plumbing! Water heaters are an essential unit in your home or business and can ensure comfort in warmth through the colder climates. Consider water heater testing and water heater inspection as part of your annual maintenance checklist so you may catch problems in their beginning stages before they become full-blown water heater replacements. Water heater inspection and testing can be conducted in numerous ways, we recommend trusting the task to a qualified professional by calling 714-588-2406 in order to quickly localize and navigate the issue.

One such test that could be conducted is testing the water heater’s thermostat. This is an important area to address as it can assist greatly in determining the area of water heater issues. There are typically two sections of the thermostat, the upper and lower. While the upper thermostat controls both the upper and lower elements the lower thermostat only control the lower element. When the upper thermostat fails, then you won’t have hot water distribution. However, when the upper element works while the lower element doesn’t than you’ll have a lower supply of hot water than normal.

Although knowing about the issues surrounding your thermostat is helpful, it’s actually more likely that you’ll see an issue with your elements that may require water heater repairs. Either way, you’ll still need to test your thermostats for it as they control the functions of the elements. For example, the upper thermostat carries two functions, one is allowing the upper element to heat the water at the top of the tank and shuts it off when the water is hot enough. The other is that it allows power to go to the lower element. Before testing any part of the heater it’s important that the water heater is powered off or through the breaker controls. Some issues from your water heater could be from burned or damaged wires that can be touched accidentally so having the unit be off is better for safety measures.

Find out the source of the issue when you’re experiencing odd behaviors with your water heater system! Rely on professional water heater inspection and testing in Huntington Beach, CA with Top Shelf Plumbing! Call 714-588-2406 today!