High Recovery Water Heater Installation and Repair

A high recovery water heater hanging inside a home's living room!

High Recovery Water Heater Installation & Repair

Whenever you need a high recovery water heater installation in Huntington Beach, CA than look no further than Top Shelf Plumbing! We’ve got all of the necessary tools and processes for the latest water heater models and have got the skills for any service that you may require! We’re your trusted local plumbing service that has been established with past experience since 2007! We know our stuff, if you’re having any questions or concerns about your unit or if you’re interested in a new one we’ll be happy to guide you at 714-588-2406!

You may have been wondering through your journey of finding the right water heater for your home or business, just what high recovery meant when looking at high recovery water heater installations. A water heater’s recovery can also be considered as it’s recovery rate and is used to determine the amount of hot water, measured in gallons, that can be provided in a water heater tank in an hour after it’s been completely drained. This recovery rate can allow you to compare heaters and determine which options are the speediest in heating water.

A great way to check what your existing water heater’s recovery rate is to take a look at the manufacturer’s website, enter in your model number and look at the specs. Look for the category that says something along the lines of “recovery at 90 degrees Fahrenheit” or something similar. There should be numbers listed under a GPH column which will tell you the expected gallons per hour of water being heated. Water heaters of the same gallon size can often have different recovery rates, this is because speed all rests on the wattage of an electric water heater or the strength of a burner for a gas water heater. A good measure of note for determining a good water heater recovery rate is that after an hour the rate should at least match the size of your water heater. Therefore, a 30-gallon heater should at least have 30 gallons or near that amount after an hour has passed. Most water heaters have an average range of 20-25 gallons per hour while high recovery options are usually 50 gallons or higher per hour. If you have any questions regarding high recovery water heater installations or repairs, give us a call and a friendly representative will be happy to get you started!

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