Tankless Water Heater Installation

Modern white and grey automatic water heater in front of an off white brick wall.

Instant Heated Water Without Storage

A tankless water heater is a great option for any home or business when a desire for instant hot water is needed! We understand that older units can be tricky as the use of water units with tanks require constant monitoring in order to replenish the unit’s hot water supply. With tankless water heater replacement you can replace older units that require too much maintenance with more energy efficient models! Top Shelf Plumbing knows that conserving on energy to help the environment can have many benefits for the home. With newer models you not only are contributing to green practices, you’re saving on monthly bills! Give us a call at 714-588-2406 to learn more about the benefits of a tankless water heater installation in Huntington Beach, CA along with other options!

Tankless water heaters are also referred to as instantaneous, on demand or demand type water heaters as they send heated water directly into your property without tank storage. How it essentially works is that the unit heats the water whenever it’s needed with its flow sensing device. It’s heated by the unit’s electrical or gas heating elements and then sends it wherever it’s needed in the home. Once the nozzle of the water flow has been turned off, then the sensory functions of the unit will automatically shut off its heating capabilities. As there is no storage tank, you wouldn’t need to think about replenishing the tank and running out of heated water supplies.

Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heater installations are great for their storage size! They are smaller than their conventional counterparts and are mounted on the wall so more floor space can be used for other appliances. If you have a smaller home than this is a great feature to have! Due to their innovation, newer units have been built to be more durable in order to last twice as long as older models. With newer water heater installations you can expect them to be less likely to fail and last 20 years or more! With these improvements, they also save you up to 50% of energy costs which means more savings and conservation of water supplies! With all of the advantages of a tankless water heater unit, we’re happy to provide you with our skilled services to set you up with new unit!

Benefit from tankless water heater installation in Huntington Beach, CA! They are great options that cut time and save you more in energy costs! Call 714-588-2406 with Top Shelf Plumbing to learn more!