Water Heater Replacement and Installation

A technician is making fixes to the bottom of a water heater with a tool.

Look for the Signs of Damages

Water heaters come in different types and varieties and have a different lifespan. Yet all appliances age and with that comes higher susceptibility to damages until you’ll eventually need to replace it in order to maintain a healthy system of water. That’s why it’s important to get a water heater inspection to determine if water heater replacements or repairs are necessary. If you’re in need of a tank water heater installation in Huntington Beach, CA than give Top Shelf Plumbing a call at 714-588-2406!

Over time, the continuous pattern of heating and reheating water will cause a water heater tank to begin sediment build up. This sediment will then harden and grow thicker forming layers on the bottom of the tank floor. This will quicken the tank wearing out, will cause the need for more time in heating water, and will turn the metal brittle which heights the chance of it cracking. Finally, your water tank will have lower water efficiency due to increased strain to send heated water over to the property.

Another sign of needing replacements with a new water heater installation regards the quality of your water. If you’re noticing that your tap water is coming out rusty, then you risk contamination of your water which possesses a risk to your health. This type of issue can also be caused by aging pipes so it’s important to conduct pipe inspections if it’s been determined that the culprit is not the water heater. Finally, a rather obvious sign can be hearing your water heater unit emitting strange noises. As your water heater ages, it’s tank will start to rumble when it’s heating water. A cause for noise could be sediment buildup or your tank needing to be flushed. That’s why it’s recommended to flush your tank yearly in order to get rid of sediment build up and elongate the unit’s life. If you flush your tank yearly, it’s more likely to last its average 10-year life expectancy. If flushing doesn’t solve the issue and your unit still makes noise than this could be a sign that the tank is likely near in forming a crack or leak.

Elongate the life span of your water heater with water heater replacement and installation in Huntington Beach, CA! Top Shelf Plumbing is knowledgeable with every system and can help you if you have any questions, call 714-588-2406 today!