Electric Water Heater Replacement and Installation

A modern electric water heater on a concrete wall.

Electric Water Heaters

When you need an electric water heater replacement
in Huntington Beach, CA than rely on Top Shelf Plumbing for fast and efficient services! Having warm water is essential for any home or business and when efficiency is a concern than you’ll want a system that will conserve on energy and utility costs. There are many options out there from tankless heaters to gas and if you’re wondering which systems would be right for your property than we’ll be happy to discuss options with you at 714-588-2406! When your water heater is acting up and you require assistance to see what the issue can be, we’ll be happy to help determine if an electric water heater installation or replacement is needed.

Electric water heaters are a great option to have as electrical services are typically available in most regions and can be connected to a point-of-use water heating system as well. This essentially will allow for the water heaters to be placed at locations where the hot water is specifically required which reduces piping costs, heat loss, recirculation loops, pumps and the wait for hot water. Electrical water heaters are a great supplemental unit to other energy efficient water heater systems such as refrigeration heat reclaim, solar or heat pump water heaters. When higher water is required, electrical water heaters can be used as a temperature booster for areas where hotter water is preferred like your dishwasher or shower. Additionally, electric water heaters typically don’t come with a pilot light so constant supervision is unnecessary which reduces energy costs and increases efficiency. There is lower standby loss as these tanks are better insulated as standard fuel-fired units typically lose heat through their flues and uninsulated areas at the bottom of the tank. If you’re in the process of considering a new electric water heater replacement or installation then you can count on our trained professionals to set you up in a timely manner. For efficient water distribution and a long-lasting quality system count on an electric water heater for your home or business today!

Benefit from the improvements of productivity with electric water heater replacement & installation in Huntington Beach, CA! You can count on us here at Top Shelf Plumbing, call 714-588-2406 today!