Water Heater Repair

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Improve Your Water Heater Systems

Water heaters are an integral part of any property be it for commercial or residential purposes. They are in charge of heating the water that you use for your dishwashers, sinks, bathroom showers or baths, washing machines and more! When you are using your water, it’s important that you are getting energy efficient options that won’t cost you in the long run! Modern water heater installations have improved exponentially in the past two decades, now systems are smaller with tankless options, fuel efficient options and recovery improvements so you can get more water delivered to your rooms at a faster pace, with smoother travel and preparation. If you have in older system, first determine if there can be any water heater repairs done to the unit which could improve on productivity. Ultimately, there are many types of systems out there if a water heater replacement is necessary. WithTop Shelf Plumbing you can expect relevant water heater repairs in Huntington Beach, CA that will have your water heating systems at tip top shape! Give us a call at 714-588-2406 today to discuss your options!

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Odd Behaviors

Water heaters typically have a life span on 10 years, as they get nearer to that age they are likely to exhibit strange and detrimental behaviors to the unit that can ultimately affect water quality and system effectiveness. A problem that is known to occur with age is sediment build up at the bottom of the tank. It’s important to have your tank cleaned at least yearly in order to prolong the life of your unit as without water tank maintenance you can expect the life span of your unit to decrease. Another issue that can spring up is corrosion; metal, water, and oxygen create a chemical reaction that can cause early wear on your unit. Depending on the design of your unit, some options have a glass inner lining, or other protective measures, installed to where you wouldn’t need to worry about corrosion and even rust from developing.

Electric white boiler, water heater isolated on white background.

Tankless & Maintenance

Ultimately, tankless water heaters are useful in preventing unnatural aging and wear as they automatically heat water as the demand calls for it without having to compromise the integrity of the unit. However, if leaks occur water can make their way down to the burners of the unit and corrosion and rust could form from there. It’s therefore important to follow manufacturer guidelines no matter the type of unit you choose to go with as ultimately cleanliness must be monitored on all appliances. With water heater inspections and testing, you’ll be able to have your units tested by a professional so you can catch potential cleanliness issues or water tank repair problems at their beginning stages before full on replacements are taken into consideration.

Types of Water Heaters

If you feel that your water heater is working fine but the water is simply not heated long or strong enough, instead of replacements, consider installation of a heat pump water heater. These units offer temperature controls which can be a great control option to have if you’d prefer temperatures to be hotter or cooler depending on the season. With a water heater booster, you’ll be able to increase the capacity of your hot water flow while improving water pressure and energy efficiency. Another unit that is a great option for water heater energy efficiency is high recovery water heaters. High recovery water heaters will be able to match or increase the gallon size of your water holdings within the hour so you can get more water without long wait periods.

If alternate sources of energy are more what you’d like to recover with, consider propane gas heaters. Natural gas has high energy efficiency ratings with low consumption of energy which reflects greatly on lower monthly utility bills! With electric water heaters, you’ll be able to streamline sources of energy with your current electrical line and not have to worry about constant supervision as they often come without pilot lights!

Ultimately, no matter the type of water heater installation you choose to go with, a modern water heater will have more beneficial improvement than older models. If you would like assistance in comparing units to see what water heater repair or installation would be best for your home, our friendly representatives here at Top Shelf Plumbing will be happy to take your call!

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