Sewer Line Repairs

Man crouching in trench with shovel showing an old terracotta sewer line broken open to reveal a solid tube of invasive tree roots.

Fix Damaged Lines

When your pipes have damages to where you’ll need sewer line repair in Huntington Beach, CA, give us a call 714-588-2406 here at Top Shelf Plumbing! We’ll be able to get your sewer systems back on track with our many repair options that localize the issue without making too many damages to your property. When your sewer pipes are damaged, be sure to get a sewer camera video inspection done, so we can see what’s going on with your lines without the guesswork. What happens is images will be captured of your lines and recorded for view by the operator, a radio transmitter will then provide the depth and location of the pipe line so proper plans can be made. Our video camera inspections are great tools that help us pinpoint where the problems lie for faster and less costly sewer line repair!

If your pipelines are broken or rusted, it may be better to consider repiping and replacements. A ruptured sewer line won’t allow for proper drainage which can cause frequent backups. Severe damages to your pipes can be caused by shifting soil, foundations settling in, heavyweight like construction, traffic and more. What’s more, pressures enacted on a pipeline from the concrete and soil around pipes can cause damages from movement due to the chemical in soils reacting to piping material compounds. Premature wear and corrosion caused by this can greatly leave a pipeline more susceptible to damages like breaks and collapse. Leaks and clogs are also more likely to develop at the joints and seals from old or worn pipes. With sewer lines, these types of leaks need particularly fast response times as the sewage that would escape from these openings could cause foundational problems.

Another possibility for pipe damages that would call for sewer line repair is sagging sewers line. Over time, you may see certain sections of piping bellying out or sinking into the ground. Due to gravity, the lowered sections would begin to collect paper waste which ultimately would result in repeated blocks. With older sewer lines made from clay or similar porous materials, the connection to pipes would often be infiltrated by roots, trees, and shrubs. These plants naturally grow towards sources of water, once they reach a sewer pipe they may also grow into it in order to get to the source. Unfortunately, these roots also expand with time which can cause breaks, leaks and loosened connections of pipe sections of a sewer line.

Professional, Local Repairs

Once it’s been determined that sewer line repair is needed for the betterment of your sewer’s productivity, our workers will go over a few options with you regarding what methods could be taken to fix your lines. You’ll be happy to know that only easy access points to the problem areas will be dug up so relevant fixes can be made. Depending on your property’s previous piping materials, the age of your pipes, their configuration and the type of plumbing in the area of where you live we’ll be able to determine which piping materials are right for your sewer line repair. Once repairs have been put in place, a backhoe will be used to refill the area once more. If you have any questions regarding sewer line repairs give us a call today, and we’ll be happy to help!

Decrease the backups on your line with sewer line repair in Huntington Beach, CA! Call 714-588-2406 with Top Shelf Plumbing to learn more about your options!