Whole House Repiping

A maze of of pipes.

For Better Performance

When you’re experiencing reoccurring plumbing issues it may be time to inspect your pipes and determine if you need whole home repiping in Huntington Beach, CA! Whole house repiping is a plumbing repair or replacement that involves extensive changes to your plumbing systems. However, if your home is particularly old new plumbing can be an energy efficient and superior option for better plumbing performance and fewer repairs for years to come! If you’re having trouble determining if whole house plumbing is right for you, give Top Shelf Plumbing a call today at 714-588-2406! We’ll find the best cost-effective solutions as to what’s going on in your plumbing lines so you can get the most relevant and localized repairs!

There are several signs to consider if you’re noticing issues with your plumbing system. One major factor in poor plumbing performance is if your house is more than 50 years old. Unfortunately, all houses constructed before the 1960s used piping material such as galvanized steel and cast iron which are highly corrosive with time. As of such, 50 years is plenty of time for pipes to wear and nowadays there are superior upgrades in piping material with options from PEX to copper and CPVC! Get more durability and longevity to your piping systems and you won’t regret it! Talk to your local plumber to see what type of piping material will best work with your property and budget!

Another sign to be wary of are low water pressures and increased clogging. Ultimately, residential areas have wastewater and fresh water plumbing systems that can affect one another if something goes wrong. If both systems are acting up, this is a clear indication that either the piping materials are wrong or they have worn down with age. When this happens, you will see your taps drop in water pressure with slower drainage as clogs reoccur more with older or worn piping. It’s important therefore to conduct regular maintenance checks of your pipes at least yearly and make adjustments with seasonal temperature changes. If you’re having any questions about how to do this or would like assistance with your pipeline than give us a call! We’re happy to help!

Are you having extensive plumbing problems that reoccur often? Top Shelf Plumbing is ready to help with whole house repiping in Huntington Beach, CA! Call 714-588-2406 for assistance today!