Main Water Line Repairs

Main water line valve outside on landscape.

Test Your Line for Leaks

Water line repair in Huntington Beach, CA is an important task to undertake and requires the assistance of a qualified and trained professional in order to comply to code and offer security in technique. When you’re struggling with damages on your pipes than look no further than Top Shelf Plumbing! We got friendly staff ready to answer any question you may have regarding the puzzling nature of plumbing leaks or broken pipes. If your pipeline has cause pooling or requires emergency plumbing repairs than we’ll guide you through the steps to lessen water damages. We’ve got all the tools and procedure necessary for your water line repair, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 714-588-2406 !

If you’re suspecting there is a leak specifically with your main line that may need water line repair than you can try testing for it without tools. Testing for a main water line leak first involves closing the valve that is usually located at the side of a water meter. After you have done so if all of the dials on the meter stop moving than that ensures that water has stopped running through it. When this is done, it’s time to drain out the house plumbing to make sure that water isn’t leaking from any other source like a toilet, underground pipe or inside of the home. With these steps done, it’s time to listen for the sound if any emitting from the water main. If you hear the sound of running a water main then you have a leak on the service line to the street and main water line repair may be necessary. After draining your plumbing system, if there is no sound then you are in the clear and the leak is not originating on your main water line. Be very careful in turning back on your water valve, it should be done slowly to let air out of the system and avoid a water hammer effect. You want to avoid the possibility of damaging your pipes from water rushing into the plumbing system too suddenly.

With a combined experience of 35 years you can expect Top Shelf Plumbing to get the job right the first time! When you need main water line repairs in Huntington Beach, CA call 714-588-2406!