What Is A Slab Leak?

Burst pipes and leaking water from an excavation underneath a slab of concrete.

Become Informed

A slab leak occurs under the foundation of a property and is usually caused by pipe system bursts, breaks or leaks. They can also be above ground in the wall or ceiling with what are known as pinhole leaks. Slab leaks in Huntington Beach, CA can be dangerous for your home or business as they often result in shifting the foundation or causing pressures to the plumbing system. Pressures to your draining system can actually aggravate other damages so it’s important to conduct investigations Top Shelf Plumbingthe moment you suspect a leak. Slab leak detection can be hidden but some cases can provide external clues so give us a call at 714-588-2406!

Signs of a Slab Leak

  • Spike in a water bill
  • Moisture or mildew under carpets
  • Hearing the sound of running water when water isn’t being used
  • Water pooling around the house’s perimeter
  • Warm or damp floors
  • Cracks in the walls or baseboards
  • Moving water meter dial when pipes aren’t being used
  • Low water pressure
  • Moldy smell

A slab leak can be caused by a number of reasons like poor initial pipe installations, old piping materials or outside influences that will wear a pipeline down or cause damages. Foundation shifts, for example, move along with the pipes underground as they are connected to one another. Unfortunately, this also enacts heavy pressures on the pipe’s structure which plays a role in compromising its integrity. Foundation shifts can cause heightened corrosion from rubbing against soil, pipe breaks, loosen connections and cause leaks. If pipes are exposed to gravel, concrete and other pipes than this can cause abrasive interactions which can increase the progression of them wearing out. As pipes naturally expand and contract it’s important to keep in mind that temperature changes can affect a pipe’s ability to insulate. Freezing temperatures, in particular, can heighten the risk of a burst pipe. If you’re noticing water pooling around your home, we’ve got emergency plumbing repairs that can help you no matter the hour of your emergency! Just give us a call and our friendly representatives will schedule an expert plumber to come out to your property with their next availability for slab leak repairs!

When you think you may have a slab leak in Huntington Beach, CA call 714-588-2406 for assistance! Top Shelf Plumbing has a combined 35 years of experience and will be ready for any scenario!