Pressure Tank Repair and Installation

Water pressure tanks equalize the pressure in a home!

Pressure Tank Repair & Installation

When you require the services of pressure tank repair in Huntington Beach, CA than count on Top Shelf Plumbing! We make a point to conduct honest and professional repairs and installations, you can count on a quality job no matter the issue! If you have any questions as to why your pressure tank is misbehaving than give us a call at 714-588-2406 we’re happy to help! We’ll offer only the best solutions for your home or business!

A water pressure tank essentially works with your water pump to bring water into your home or business. The regulation of water is first seen with the water pressure tank and when you turn on your faucet it is through here that water is sent out. Therefore, if your water pressure tank is faulty you could potentially not get water. That’s why it’s important to conduct inspections as soon as possible so water pressure tank repairs can start underway and get your water system back into working order.

The main functioning feature of a water pressure tank installation is its operation using an air charge. Once losing an air charge your pressure tank will begin an endless cycle of turning on an off if this happens too quickly then you risk the entire unit overheating. This cycling can additionally damage the windpipe and water pump which can lead to premature tank failure. When you have an older water pump, the likelihood of incurring severe damages is more prevalent. It’s important to remember your manufacturer’s recommended life expectancy so you may get a new pressure tank installation before you start to see signs of the unit breaking down.

Some signs to look out for with a failing pressure tank system can be:

  • Leaking or Wet Areas Around or in the Property
  • Plumbing Fixtures Discharging Air
  • Weak Water Pressure
  • Water Pressure Pulsating
  • Complete Loss of Water Pressure
  • Damages to Water Pumps, Wells and Controls

If you’re experiencing any of these signs and symptoms than be sure to give us a call so we may send someone over! We’re happy to help!

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