Water Pressure Boosters

Water pressure booster attachment.

Water Pressure Booster

When you’re needing a water pressure booster installation in the Huntington Beach, CA area than rely on Top Shelf Plumbing! We have skilled technicians who are able to help you out on any issue you may be having with your water pressure. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have at 714-588-2406, so we can determine whether you need a simple adjustment or water pressure booster installation!

Water pressure is not something that most people know can be changeable with certain attachments. Oftentimes, a municipality will have a distinct water pressure level that the city runs on for various reasons. If you feel like your water pressure needs some adjustment and you run on city water than be sure to ask your local water department for a pressure reading. A good range to have is between 45-55 psi. If your local water department can’t deliver more pressure than consider a water pressure booster installation!

A water pressure booster has a dial that can adjust the pressure to the ideal range of 45-55 psi! How it works is it takes water from the street and increases the pressure with an electric pump and pressure tank. This tank holds a reserve of pressurized water so your water pump won’t have to run every time someone uses a faucet. It’s very beneficial in boosting water glow when water is at high demand. If you’re having poor water pressure, it could mean that you have clogged pipes. Be sure to conduct an inspection in case your particular low water pressure issue can be solved with clogged pipe cleaning. Inspecting your pressure reducing valve (PRV) on your water main may be the ticket to determining if you need adjustments or a new installation. Most come with a factory setting of 50 psi and can be adjusted up or down with a screw available on the top of the mechanism. Like most parts, PRVs can go bad in 10-20 years, so if you’re having an older system that could be why there is too little or too much water pressure on your plumbing system. With a new water pressure installation you can expect better plumbing performances, just be sure to check with your municipality as some require the installation of reduced pressure and backflow prevention as well.

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