Underground Yard Line Leak Repair

Close up of construction worker repairing a broken water pipe on the concrete road.

How to Spot a Leak

If you’ve been noticing wet pools around your yard without the sprinklers on, muddy areas or abnormally high water bills then it’s time to investigate! Underground water leaks could cause problems for the foundation of your home and can even shift it around due to wet soil. When you’re suspecting a leak take basic precautions to stem the flow of water and give your local plumber here at Top Shelf Plumbing a call at 714-588-2406! We’ll be able to send someone out to your property for yard water line leak repair in Huntington Beach, CA so you can back your daily tasks!

The most common places to find leaks when you’re seeing pools on your yard is in your irrigation system or the main plumbing line between your home shutoff valve and water meter. If you are able to, conduct some tests on your water meter. As with all things, the help of a qualified professional is more likely to yield localized results and get to the bottom of the plumbing issue. As of such, your water meter is usually located in the basement or other isolated places. Make sure that no water is running on your property including in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, with garden hoses, sprinklers etc.

Once you’ve located your meter, open the cover and look to see if you have a leak indicator present which usually looks like a small triangle in the color blue, white or red. As this device is very sensitive, it will spin even when small amounts of water are flowing in the meter. If there is no leak indicator present to assist in spotting yard leak repair than try reading the water meter, wait half an hour to an hour and then check it again. If the reading has changed, then a leak is most likely present. If it looks normal, and you’re unsure if it may be an improper reading, you can call your water company to make sure your meter is in proper working condition. Once it’s been determined there is a leak, be sure to shut off your home’s main valve so that further progression of water loss is stopped. Leaks can be caused by several environmental factors as well as old pipes that may require repiping. For more information on underground line leak repair give us a call!

Top Shelf Plumbing is the plumbing company you can trust for your yard water line leak repair in Huntington Beach, CA! We’ll be happy to take your call at 714-588-2406 at any time!