Plumbing Leak Repair

The inside tunnel of a clean sewage collector pipe.

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When you suspect that your property is experiencing a leak then call 714-588-2406 for the reliable services of Top Shelf Plumbing! We will be sure to conduct relevant inspections so only the most localized plumbing leak repair in Huntington Beach, CA can be made! Our state-of-the-art sewer cameras is able to get rid of extra digging in order to observe possible plumbing problems from the inside of a pipe! Depending on what’s found, some repairs may just call for reconnecting or re-tightening joints or loosened connections while others may require more extensive repairs like repiping. No matter the size of the repair, our workers are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary for any scenario!

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Reasons For Pipe Leaks

A plumbing leak can occur for a variety of reasons and can leave you confused in its wake. Here are some examples of what can be occurring behind the scenes where your line of vision won’t be able to detect the progression of plumbing problems from the beginning to more advanced stages. Pipe corrosion is something that can happen for numerous reasons. Firstly, mineral-rich water can often chemically react with the compounds of the inner lining of piping materials. Over time, this can naturally wear a pipe down, yet high water pressures can speed this process up as well. Secondly, chemical drain cleaners hold acidic chemical within them that eat away at your pipes. Thirdly, improper fittings during repair or installations can oppose charges with other metals which can also lead to premature pipe wear. Unfortunately, there is not a way to fix corroded pipes, ultimately corroded pipes will need to be replaced so future build up and blockages don’t form and corrupt other pipelines.

Rusty burst pipe spraying water. old pipe leaking after freezing in winter.

Damages to Pipes

As mentioned briefly before, high water pressures can corrode the inner lining of pipes over time. What it can also do is loosen pipe connections due to increased pipe movements or even cause the pipe to rupture or break. If you suspect your pipe may be operating at high water pressures, make sure to make the adjustments at maximum to 80 psi, if it’s higher than that you’ll be experiencing problems. Another instance that can cause pipe leaks is the movement of the surrounding infrastructure. The leaks often associated with this type of phenomenon are commonly slab leaks. Houses can experience movements with shifting walls, foundations settling in or moist soil which can greatly affect the pipes of your property. As pipes are connected to your home, any movement can enact pressures onto the pipe which can cause them to jostle and separate of even corrode on the outside from chemical reactions with the surrounding soil.


Clogs can create a lot of plumbing problems on your systems that aren’t just narrowed down to leaks. When small objects, grease, grime or sediment buildup block your water’s natural progression you can see issues with backups and increased pipe pressures as well. It’s best in the situation of a clog to install natural methods and tools for clogged pipe cleaning. With the use of augers, plumbers snakes and hydro-jetting, you can ensure the safe removal of obstructions without compromising your pipeline. You can count on our professionals to only use the most necessary tool depending on your situation so further pipe damages aren’t incurred. For more information on plumbing leak repairs give us a call at Top Shelf Plumbing! We’re always happy to help!

We’ll be able to tackle any issue you may have with your pipes! When you require plumbing leak repair in Huntington Beach, CA call 714-588-2406 with Top Shelf Plumbing!