Toilet Repair and Installation

Toilet inside of a white themed bathroom.

Toilet Repair and Installation

Your toilet is a vital part to any home or business and often requires toilet repairs or maintenance every so often. When you’re confused as to why your toilet is running or need a new toilet installation than look no further than Top Shelf Plumbing! We’ve got you covered from simple adjustments to replacements so you can relax knowing the vital part of your bathroom is secure! If you have any questions regarding issues with your toilet we’re happy to help! Give us a call at714-588-2406 and one of our friendly representatives can decide on the next best course of action for your toilet repair in Huntington Beach, CA!

Common Toilet Problems

  • Toilet Won’t Stop Running
  • Toilet’s Leaking
  • Toilet Won’t Flush Correctly
  • Toilet Fills Slowly
  • Toilet’s Noisy When Not in Use
  • Toilet Handle is Stuck or Loose

Your toilet consists of two parts that make up the unit and work together. First, you have the bowl that rests on the floor and then you have the tank of water which releases new water and gets rid of waste each time you flush the toilet. Oftentimes, we’ll see toilet repairs needing to be made more with the tank as this is where two important features are housed, the fill valve (refill valve or ballcock) and the flush valve. The fill valve is the mechanism that is usually located at the left of the tank as you face the front of the toilet and is responsible for filling the tank with water. It opens the supply valve when you flush and automatically closes when the water level rises to a set level in the tank. There are different types of ways that a toilet can know when the level has been reached such as with floatless fill valves, which sense water pressure on the tank, or floating balls which move up and down with the water level of the tank.

The flush valve is located in the center of the tank with typically plastic or brass fitting that attaches to the bottom opening of the tank. A neoprene or rubber flapper sits on the valve opening and only lifts when the flush handle has been pressed (there’s a chain that attaches the flapper to the handle) so new water can go from the tank and into the toilet bowl. When the tank empties, it falls back down to allow the bowl to refill with water. A vertical overflow tube is integrated into the flush valve and extends up to the base of the flush valve to prevent water overflowing. On top of the overflow tube there’s a small refill tube that allows a small stream of water to flow into the toilet bowl during the refill cycle. Thereby the level of standing toilet bowl water is restored and the trap is sealed.

When your toilet is acting up it can be a hassle, that’s why Top Shelf Plumbing makes sure to offer help for speedy turn around! Get toilet repair and installation in Huntington Beach, CA by calling 714-588-2406!