Bathtub and Shower Installation

Bathroom interior with glass shower on the left and white tub on the right.

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Improve the experience of bathing in your bathroom with new shower or tub installations and replacements! There are many possibilities to improving your bathroom with changes on your bathroom’s base, walls and shape! There are a variety of different material and design options that can brighten and expand your room! With a shower or bathtub installation you can heighten relaxation with easier functionality improvements and performance! For your next bathroom remodel project trust the diligent expertise of the staff here at Top Shelf Plumbing! We’re always ready to discuss different layout options at 714-588-2406to see what changes will work the best for your particular space! We have attractive recommendations that can match any style preference and functionality goals so your tub and shower installation in Huntington Beach, CA can go smoothly!

With a shower replacement, you can expand on space and even change the threshold to partial, walk-in and more! Change up the material of your tub’s base or tray and you’ll be able to have better drainage and grip. You could have enclosed showers or over bath shower options depending on your particular preferences. Enclosed options can have glass walls or screens which can provide a nice aesthetic to a room. With enclosed showers, flat bottoms can prevent slipping while climbing in and out! As far as bathtub replacement, there are many types of bowl options that can provide seats or stands for your toiletries. There are even alternate shapes such as standard, alcove or free-standing yet if you’d prefer to have a longer bathing experience a soaking tub may be for you! Keep in mind that the shape, depth, and length of a tub are all important in accordance with your height! If a tub ends up not being a right fit then you won’t be fully submerged or there may be too little room for reclining. Finally, insulation options are always something to consider as a well-insulated tub can keep hot temperatures for much longer than regular ones. Even for showers, a built-in thermostat can regulate the proper temperatures and controls for your water so you can enjoy a longer bathing experience!

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If you have any questions regarding which fixtures would work best for your new shower or tub, we’ll be able to point you in the right direction! For proper plumbing connections, it’s always best to rely on certified and experienced plumbing professionals so accidents and loose connections won’t cause an accidental leak or flood in your bathroom! Tub and shower installations are a great way to update the look of your home while adding to your home’s value! Don’t hesitate to give us a call today, we’re more than happy to guide you from inception to project completion! We look forward to speaking with you!

Upgrade your bathroom with quality bathtub & shower installation in Huntington Beach, CA! Our professionals are always ready to help so give us a call at714-588-2406 with Top Shelf Plumbing!