Garbage Disposal Repair

Kitchen sink with food being dropped into it and water pouring.

Eliminate Land Waste

Garbage disposals were originally built in order to assist you in the kitchen for quick disposal of unwanted scraps. However, garbage disposals greatly reduce our carbon footprint by lowering methane gases that come from rotted food. Our ecosystem is an important part of our lives, so when our garbage disposal is experiencing a jam or troubles rely on Top Shelf Plumbing and call714-588-2406 to get you out of it! We understand that efficiency in the kitchen is a desirable functional ease to have and that the blades of a garbage disposal unit can be daunting. In order to ensure your safety trust a professional to conduct garbage disposal repair in Huntington Beach, CA call when necessary. We’ll get your unit working back in no time!

There can be many reasons as to why your garbage disposal is acting up, some common issues can be leaks or clogs. Some damages can also involve wear from the natural progression of time or if it’s an older unit in which replacing the unit may be a better option. In any case, if you are experiencing a garbage disposal leak be sure to pay attention to the location of where the leak is originating as the location does determine the problem. As far as kitchen drains, the problems that can incur can be due to habits of use, improper installation connections as well as natural wear. The first thing to keep in mind that may be the easiest to modify is keeping track of what you’re allowing to go down your sink. Typically, when you’re using garbage disposals or even any sink on your property, try to avoid sending down any oils, butter or grease as these will stick to your pipes and act as a glue to any debris coming down the pipes. This, in turn, will cause build up and backups which can cause water to standby and cause unnecessary pressure to your piping system. If clogged sink drain cleaning is needed than rely on natural methods as the use of drain cleaning products can cause premature wearing of your piping materials.

Proper Garbage Disposal Use

A good way to avoid clogged pipe cleaning is to engage in proper garbage disposal practices. Before you add food to your drain, turn on your cold water. Turn on your disposal and add food as the water is running, afterward, have it running at least for 15 seconds to make sure that it has been properly flushed from the main water line. As far as which food items you throw down the drain, try to avoid stringy and fibrous foods as they are harder to grind up. Such foods can be celery, potato or banana peels. Ultimately, if you want to reduce the risk of having valuable items from being dropped it may be a good idea to install a drain trap. With this addition you will easily be able to remove slipped items from being lost in your pipes.

If your garbage disposal is acting up count on Top Shelf Plumbing to help! Call 714-588-2406 for garbage disposal repair in Huntington Beach, CA so you can go back to your routine of use!