Faucet Repair and Installation

A metal faucet in a kitchen with a window and potted plant behind it, a glass of water half filled is also on the side.

Faucets For Your Kitchen & Bathrooms

When you’re in need of faucet repair in Huntington Beach, CA than rely on Top Shelf Plumbing and call 714-588-2406 for your next service! We have a variety of different faucet types and styles that can greatly change the look of your kitchen or bathroom! Get better functionality and water flow with newer models and you’ll never look back! Be it a new faucet installation or replacement, we’ve got all of the tools and techniques to make the right fit. Faucets can be prone to wear and leaks which tend to occur when initial installations were poor and connections were not secured properly. You may see a leak due to mineral deposits in internal parts, corrosion or defective o-rings, gaskets, and washers. We’ll make sure all the parts are secure so you won’t run into any future problems that come with improper installations! We love to help, give us a call today!

Faucet replacement and new fixture installations can be an exciting endeavor if you know what types of faucets are out there! Spruce up the look and see the many different types of functional advantages each type of faucet has! We’ll first begin with one of the oldest faucet designs that are commonly found in older homes, compression faucets. They have been known for using a washer, something that has been removed with more modern designs in order to avoid problems that come with loose or worn washers like faucet leaks. They have two handles, one for hot and cold temperatures with water turning on and off from side to side motions. One that you’ll commonly find in kitchens is a ball faucet. They typically have a single handle without a washer that’s attached to a rounded cap above the spout. The handle moves along with the metal or plastic ball to control the flow and temperature of water.

Another type of faucet is a two-handled cartridge faucet. This faucet utilizes a movable stem activated with a cartridge that moves in an up and down motion to control water flow with temperatures separated by the different handles. Finally, a disc faucet is made of a ceramic disc with a single lever over a cylindrical body. This is a fairly newer design that mixes hot and cold water into a mixing chamber, aka a pressure balance cartridge. These ceramic discs lie at the bottom of the chamber and this chamber will rise to allow water to flow through and close to stop the flow. Temperatures with a disc faucet are controlled by moving the handle from a side to side rotation. For more information about your faucet style options, give us a call as we’re always ready to help!

Improve the functionality of your sinks with faucet repair and installation in Huntington Beach, CA! Call 714-588-2406 with Top Shelf Plumbing for great ideas!