Kitchen and Bathroom Repairs in Huntington Beach, CA

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If you’re interested in bathroom plumbing repair or kitchen plumbing repair in Huntington Beach, CA then Top Shelf Plumbing is here for you! We have a variety of options that can assist you with your repairs and new installations! When you want quality bathroom plumbing repair and installations than our expert technicians are ready to tackle any space and area with their gained experience and knowledge on techniques, tools and processes! We’re more than happy to guide you through your property’s specifications and budget options so you can get the best possible choice without second guessing! We know that upgrading your kitchen and bathroom has a variety of benefits for your lifestyle and future use! Give us a call at 714-588-2406 today, we’ll be happy to hear from you!

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Add Value to Your Home

A great thing about kitchen and bathroom installations is that they will increase the value of your home! Bathroom remodeling, for example, can help with energy efficiency and thereby ensure a higher return on investment once you plan to resell. What’s more, energy efficient options have been made over the years that not only will benefit the environment with conserved water use, it will help you on saving on monthly utility bills! Another benefit in adding new replacements is changing up the space and use of a room in addition to new plumbing. If your sinks and drains have been susceptible to leaks, your garbage disposal has been acting out or just any general odd behavior has been causing risks for your property plumbing repairs will correct any mishaps! We will be sure to localize on the issue so relevant repairs can be made to avoid future problems!

Faucets, Showers, Bathtubs

There have been many changes and new additions added over the years that provide optimal setting choices for bathtub and shower installations or even faucet repair and installations. There are many models, types, and materials to choose from for your home or business so you can have modern and updated looks! The countless innovations out there that have been made to appliances can add a touch of luxury and modernity to any space in your bathroom or kitchen. Whether you would like a bowl sink, compressed faucets or walk-in tub or shower you can be sure to feel at ease with the new and improved options available.

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When you’re looking to update your kitchen and bathroom with fresh new looks and better functioning appliances than consider fixture replacements and repairs! Plumbing fixtures are made with a variety of upgrades for easy use and improved functionality and are made of non-corrosive and absorbent resistant materials so mold and mildew won’t form from the moisture in the air! A benefit in each fixture is that they are typically easy to clean due to their antimicrobial finishes. No matter the budget that you have, there are numerous options available in brands and materials that can promote longevity while offering different technical settings for improved use. Whether you need just a part of your room updated for repairs or would like more extensive installations we’ll guide you through your options!


If you’re experiencing odd behaviors with your plumbing than be sure to let our plumbers know! Once a new installation has been put into place, whatever has been preexisting as far as a pipe or drain damages may continue. That’s why we make sure to conduct inspections of your lines before we start the process of repairs and replacements so we can make sure that newer materials won’t be compromised by overlooked issues. It’s important to conduct regular maintenance checks on all of your appliances so you’ll be able to determine if an issue can be fixed in its beginning stages rather than waiting for it to progress and possibly aggravate other systems! For more information about kitchen and bathroom plumbing repairs give us a call at any time! We have emergency plumbers available 24/7 who will be able to make it out in your property before systems worsen! As with any plumbing emergency, be sure to stay safe and leave any heavy-duty tasks to the professionals here at Top Shelf Plumbing! We’ll make a point to guide you through safety precautions and stemming any further damages if required. If you have any questions regarding the process of repairs we’re happy to take your call, we look forward to speaking with you!

Improve on the productivity of your rooms with kitchen and bathroom repairs in Huntington Beach, CA! We’re happy to guide you through your options, give us a call 714-588-2406 with Top Shelf Plumbing!