Hose Bib Replacement

A hose bib acts as a water faucet or wall hydrant!

Hose Bib Replacement

Whether you need a hose bib repair or hose bib replacement in Huntington Beach, CA call 714-588-2406! These mechanisms are relatively easy to install and fix! With Top Shelf Plumbing you can trust expert care and service! Oftentimes, a hose bib is referred to in other names such as a sill cock, outside faucet or wall hydrant. It’s technically a threaded faucet that is mounted on the outside of a building, backyard or inside of a building in cold climate locals to prevent freezing.

The two basic exterior types of hose bibs are standard and frost proof and can come in 8, 10, 12, 14 and 18-inch sizes. The standard hose bib threads onto the pipe of the water line that extends through the exterior wall of a property. A frost-proof hose bib features a long stem that extends into the heated space and also has an anti-siphon device. This device will prevent water from siphoning or drawing back into the potable water. If you have a standard hose bib, this anti-siphon device feature can be attached and simply screwed on with the nut tightened.


As far as hose bib maintenance, there are a few things to keep in mind. Colder climates or climates that reach below freezing temperatures can be dangerous on your water lines due to the potential of freezing and pipe bursts that may require main water line repairs. When the fall season arrives, be sure to remove hose bibs as they hold water in certain cases which can increase the chance of a burst pipe. Some standard or frost free hose bibs may feature a stop valve in the home to turn off water supplies. After the water has been shut off, be sure to drain water lines in order to further lessen the likelihood of freezing pipes. There are many damages that unpredictable weather can inflict on your plumbing systems, as long as you maintain them and follow the necessary preventative measures you shouldn’t require hose bib repairs. If you do require assistance with hose bib replacements or repairs we’re more than happy to speak with you!

Protect your hose bibs from outside damages with Top Shelf Plumbing and call 714-588-2406! We’re always ready to help with your hose bib replacement in Huntington Beach, CA whenever you need it!