Clogged Toilet Cleaning

Toilet in a bathroom

Steps to a Clog

A clogged toilet can be a set back and leave a person feeling confused as to what to do next. When you’re experiencing a toilet clog rely on the handy services of Top Shelf Plumbing for clogged toilet cleaning in Huntington Beach, CA! We’ll be happy to clear out your issue so your toilet can get back into action! If you have any questions as to the next steps to take to prevent an overflow than we’ll be happy to chat at 714-588-2406! Here is some advice that may work out as well.

If you want to prevent your toilet water from pooling on your bathroom floor, try this to prevent water from overflowing. First, take the lid off of your tank and close the toilet flapper. The toilet flapper lifts when you flush to send new water from the tank into the toilet bowl. Another step you can add to be safe is shutting off the water supply until the clog has been dealt with, this is typically located behind the toilet near the floor. If you believe you are able to clear the line with the plunging flushing method, then perhaps give that a try before shutting the water off.

A toilet plunger with a flange works best with toilets while flat plungers work best for showers and drains. With this method, you’ll want to pump the plunger a few times to get rid of air and maintain a seal, the final pump should be more powerful than the rest to clear out the blockage. Water should then be able to rush through with the test of the toilet being flushed. If this doesn’t work ultimately a plumber is equipped with a plumber’s snake or auger in order to get deeper down the line and get rid of clogs that are tougher to break down. When clogged toilet cleaning is beyond your depth it’s OK to hold off on the issue and rely on the expertise of a plumber. Aggravating the issue could lead to a mess and improper cleaning methods like using drain cleaners can damage your lines due to the chemical burn hazards involved with most of them.

Don’t risk your toilet overflowing! With Huntington Beach, CA will ensure that your lines are clear so you can get back to business! Call 714-588-2406 for more information!