Clogged Sink Drain Repair

A woman is using a plunger in a kitchen sink in attempt to clear out a clog.

Cleaning Drains & Clogs

A clogged sink can be an issue to any home or business when it comes to using it. Clogs can naturally form over time and cause water to slow down with draining water out until it eventually stops. Depending on how often you use the sink or what you allow to go down it, this buildup can reach it’s way deep enough down the drain until you need a professional to fish it out with an auger. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s best to employ a professional with, particularly tough clogs. The use of commercial drain cleaners can actually damage your pipes with the chemical composition of some products. These components can corrode the pipeline which in turn makes it more susceptible to wear and leaks. When you require the assistance of a professional plumber for clogged sink drain cleaning in Huntington Beach, CA, you can bet that Top Shelf Plumbing will be there to help you out! Give us a call at 714-588-2406 and we’ll try our best to make it out as soon as we can to assist you and get your water draining freely once again!

There can be several simple methods you can try to clear out a clog. Perhaps the best-known attempt is with a handy plunger. With a double sink, it’s best that you close off one side with a stopper or wet cloth. In order to create a tight seal around the plunger fill up the sink with enough water to cover the bell of the plunger. You’ll then place the plunger firmly over the drain and plunge lightly a few times to get rid of air before making more powerful plunges until you hear the suction clear the clog. You’ll then remove the plunger and allow the water to flush out the drain and pour some warm water down the drain well to clear out and unstick congealed surfaces that may have had a hand in the clog. If you’re experiencing a pipe leak than try to find the source of the leak when it’s under your drain and with that information we’ll be able to determine the particular issue associated with the leak. If you have any questions we’re more than happy to speak with you, we look forward to your call!

Don’t get held up with a clogged sink, rely on Top Shelf Plumbing for professional help! Call 714-588-2406 for clogged sink drain cleaning in Huntington Beach, CA today!