Clogged Shower Drain Cleaning

White shower floor drain and small grey tiles are wet from running shower water.

Clear Your Shower Drain

A clogged shower drain can be a hassle to work around and can slow down the progress of your day if severe enough. Don’t let a shower drain clog slow you down, rely on Top Shelf Plumbing to assist you with your clogged shower drain cleaning in Huntington Beach, CA so you can shower with ease! We’ll be able to dispatch one of our skilled professionals to clean or fish out the issue with the range of tools our plumbers are equipped with! Don’t hesitate to give us a call at714-588-2406today, we’ll be out on your property in no time!

Clogged shower drain cleaning doesn’t have to be an extensive repair or service. As long as you’re mindful of what goes down your drain or have a drain trap, you’ll be able to avoid or lengthen the natural build up of materials over time. More often than not, clogs in your shower drains are caused by hair soap and scum. Hair can be fished out with the use of an auger or plumber’s snake which can travel deep down a line and catch onto any objects for removal.

As far as drain cleaning, it’s best not to use any commercial drain cleaning products as the chemicals in them can corrode the inside of pipes which can cause more susceptibility to pipe damages. In order to avoid incurring premature wear and leaks try for natural ingredients and cleaning solutions. Your plumber will be able to clean your shower drain with their trained techniques so can rest assured that your main water line is being protected. With Top Shelf Plumbing you can expect fast service with diligent attention! We’ll give you tips and recommendations about your plumbing lines so you won’t make the same mistakes in developing a clog in your shower drains! Shower drain maintenance is fairly easy and we’ve got your back whenever you may be in need of a clogged shower drain cleaning service! We look forward to speaking with you so you can rest at ease knowing your lines are clear!

Call 714-588-2406 to get back to that refreshing flow of water without the standing water! For clogged shower drain cleaning in Huntington Beach, CA rely on the professionals here at Top Shelf Plumbing!