Clogged Bathtub Drain Cleaning

Top view of bathroom interior with wooden floor, white bathtub with water and stone vessels in the background on top of a windowsill.

Cleaning Your Drain

A clogged bathtub drain can get in the way of your shower or bath time as a clog can have water standing by with a risk of overflowing if the clog is severe. Get back to your schedule with clogged bathtub drain cleaning in Huntington Beach, CA with Top Shelf Plumbing! We don’t want you to be subjected to emergency plumbing repairs but we’ll be able to help you out if you’re clogged lines have caused an over flow! If you suspect there are damaged in your main water line than we’ll be happy to conduct repairs when necessary! Give us a call at 714-588-2406 and we’ll be sure to conduct the necessary inspections!

It’s important to realize that standing water can naturally attract insects such as mosquitoes and flies and become a breeding ground for both them and bacteria. These insects can carry diseases that can harm pets and humans alike and host parasites like tapeworms and heartworms. Mold and mildew are also more likely to form which can be an air quality hazard for anyone in the property. In order to not let your mere bathroom transform into a swamp of sorts, try to make efforts of initiating clogged bathtub drain cleaning as soon as you can!

Although you may be considering using a commercial drain cleaner, it’s best to rely on a natural plumber’s tools like an auger or snake as most clogs in bathroom tubs are from gathered hair. Unfortunately, the chemicals in certain drain cleaners can actually be damaging as the chemicals can corrode the inner pipes which leaves them more susceptible to wear and pipe breaks. In order to ensure the preservation of your drains you can simply remove visible blocks of your drain and use a snake to get rid of deeper materials. If you’d prefer to employ a professional to gather up the materials of your clog and clean out your drain than we’re here for you! Give us a call and our friendly representative will set you up so you can get back to using your bathtub without worries!

The team here at Top Shelf Plumbing is ready to help you out with clogged bathtub drain cleaning in Huntington Beach, CA! Call us today at 714-588-2406for an appointment!