Clogged Drain Cleaning

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Clogged Drain Cleaning Services

When you’re in need of clogged drain cleaning in Huntington Beach, CA consider Top Shelf Plumbing as your reliable plumber! We’ll be able to assist you with a variety of services no matter your call at 714-588-2406! A clogged drain can occur anywhere in your home or business and disturb the productivity of water removal. Don’t let a clog set you back on your day by preventing you from using water. What’s more, be sure to incorporate some drain cleaning practices with organic materials so you can prevent buildup in the future. Your habits can greatly affect the rate at which your drains get clogged, be sure to consider drain attachments that can ease in removal of large objects. If you’re experiencing clogs in more than one pipe at periodic occurrences than it may be that your piping system is worn and need repairs or replacements. Be sure to conduct inspections if this is the case so the issue can be localized and pinpointed. If you have any questions and concerns regarding clogged drain cleaning, we’re always happy to help!

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Tools to Ease Clogs

Depending on the type of drain you have and the severity of the clog, there could be a number of ways it could be dislodged. You could be assisted with tools such as a plunger, auger, plumber’s snake and even hydro jetting with high pressurized water can be helpful for particularly tough clogs. Or you could incorporate drain cleaning methods as general maintenance to loosen the beginning stages of buildup. No matter the method of removing a clog, it’s important not to engage in the use of chemical drain cleaning products as they can corrode the inside of a pipeline which can cause further damages.

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Ways to Prevent a Clogged Drain

Get a screen or drain grate for your drains, this will block out larger debris from entering and can prevent fibrous or stringy objects like hair from getting stuck on greases and oils coating the sides of drains. A great thing about these filters or screens is that they don’t require heavy installations and can simply be laid on or in the drain. If you use cooking oils make sure to pour them in old jars, cans or milk containers and dispose of these in the trash. With coffee grinds, you can add them to your compost, mulch or throw them away.

Cleaning the areas around your drains is very helpful in keeping away odors and buildup. If you are able to incorporate these habits it can only help you out! Something that can be done after each use of your drain is to pour hot water down as it will help keep oils from sticking to the sides of the pipes. If you’d prefer to add some extra strength to clogged drain cleaning, you could also throw in a handful of baking soda before the hot water. Ultimately, pouring a cup of vinegar down the drain and letting it rest for half an hour can be of great help in removing buildup. Its acetic acid acts as a solvent which will loosen and clear your lines. After the 30 minutes are up, pour in hot water to flush the loosened build up.

Emergency Plumber

If you’re experiencing water flooding due to a clogged drain it’s best to stem the flow and prevent further damages by turning off your water. We have emergency plumbers available 24/7 with service representatives on call at all hours. We’ll be sure to guide you through the steps of your emergency and schedule out a technician as soon as possible. With clogged drains, it’s important to clear them out as they can provide the unsavory phenomena of standing water which can become a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases. We’ll be happy to guide you through what you can do before a professional plumber arrives and will have your drains cleared out in no time!

When you require Clogged Drain Cleaning in Huntington Beach, CA call 714-588-2406 with Top Shelf Plumbing!