Backflow Testing and Repair

Backflow water coming through the foot of a white door.

Backflow Problems

When backflow water invades your property it’s time to get into action! If you require emergency plumbing services than rely on Top Shelf Plumbing! Backflow prevention is a relatively easy method to avoiding the dreaded scenario of reverse flows of sewer water, gasses or industrial fluids into the distribution pipes of your potable water system. These cross connections can be a hazard to your main water line due to the abrupt loss of water flow. That’s why when you need backflow testing & repair in Huntington Beach, CA call 714-588-2406!

Backflow Prevention

Cross-connections with the abrupt loss of water cause a pressure drop which activates a reverse flow in the water line. In a system with no backflow prevention, contamination from other lines would join into your system. However, with a backflow prevention device installed between your property and the main water line this occurrence would be stopped as the main water line would engage to prevent contamination of the water line. This cross-connection control exists in all residential, commercial and industrial premises as The Safe Drinking Water Act signed as law in 1974 placed the responsibility onto local governments and water authorities to protect drinking water. Backflow prevention devices protect the general public from food processing plants, municipal water systems, dental and medical water supplies, as well as industrial areas.

Backflow Repair

Repairing a backflow prevention device should be done by a certified technician as it can be difficult and complex due to the requirement of returning the assembly back to the specifications of the original manufacturer. It’s important to know that each backflow device will have internal components that wear out and require service periodically, be sure to conduct maintenance checks and cleaning so you don’t incur surprises. Main problem areas usually take place with the rubber seat of the check valve and guide mechanisms which will require regular cleaning or need replacements if damaged. As of such, a field test on the backflow preventer can be used to determine the level of repair that’s needed. Backflow testing involves troubleshooting the assembly to localize the problem even without removing it from the pipeline. If you have any questions regarding backflow testing and repair we’re happy to take your call!

Don’t let the water infiltration of backflow get you down. For backflow testing & repair in Huntington Beach, CA call 714-588-2406 with Top Shelf Plumbing!