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Reliable & Quality Plumbing Services

When you want a plumbing company with a variety of services than look no further than Top Shelf Plumbing! No matter the plumbing problem that may be befalling you, a plumber will be sent out to provide you with repairs in no time at all! Just rely on the quality techniques that our local plumbers in the Huntington Beach, CA area will provide for you! Whether you own a commercial business or live in a residential home, we have 35 combined years of experience and are equipped with past reference points on technical specifics that range with every service! In order to fit with new advancements in energy efficiency, we have made sure to provide you with options that will benefit your daily lifestyle while lowering your monthly bills! Find out about more ways we can assist you by giving us a call at714-588-2406 ! You can expect numerous benefits from any job you ultimately decide to go with us on!

Our Services

Our Mission

Don’t let the confusion of a plumbing problem get you down and waste your time, our service professionals will come out to your property for fixes as soon as they can! We’ll make sure to comply with building codes and use proper techniques so you won’t have to be hassled with future repairs! We make sure to conduct proper initial inspections in order to localize the issue so the main areas are addressed without leaving anything out to chance! With Top Shelf Plumbing you can expect reliable and quality services with great attention to detail and a diligent work ethic!

  • Clogged Drain Cleaning A clogged drain can occur anywhere in your home or business and disturb the productivity of water removal!
  • Emergency Plumbing Repairs When the unexpected happens, you can count on us to answer your call 24/7!
  • Plumbing Leak Repair The possibilities of plumbing leaks are endless and require specific fixes depending on the location of the leak!
  • Slab Leak Repair When you’re experiencing unnatural pressures on your underground pipes a slab leak may emerge!

Cost Benefits

With Top Shelf Plumbing you can expect cost-effective solutions to all of your plumbing needs! We offer comprehensive warranties and some units like our water heaters may be eligible for tax credits! With energy efficient options you can contribute to the environment with conservation of resources while having better performance on your modern units! We’re happy to discuss options with you as our friendly representatives are knowledgeable about the various alternatives that can best fit with your price budget.

Qualified Plumbers

Our professionals are trained in all areas of the plumbing field with a variety of tools handy in their belts to tackle the wide range of tasks often associated with plumbing repairs and installations! We know that in order for a plumbing job to last a long time, certain procedures must be met with a reliable attention to detail not matter if the task is big or small! You can bet that our qualified professionals will look into municipal regulations and comply with specific building codes so your home or business can operate with safety and proper system functions in mind!

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Emergency Plumbing

When you’re having a plumbing emergency make sure that you and the occupants around the property are not at risk before making a call for plumbing repairs! In the event of a gas leak, it’s best to be a far distance from the area of the leak as engaging in any electronic devices with enough gas floating around can cause a spark and risk the formation of fire! Therefore, it’s important for these types of scenarios to first call 911 in order to clear the area of any dangers. Only once safety has been taken care of is it best to have plumbing repairs to the gas line done. For situations where there is a flood or severe leak, it may be advisable to go to the main water shut-off valve usually near the water meter in order to prevent further damages. If you have any questions our helpful representatives are available to help 24/7! We strive to provide the best support we can and to get your lines back to good working conditions once more!

When you need a reliable plumbing contractor in Huntington Beach, CA we’ve got the professionals that can help you! Just give us a call at 714-588-2406 with Top Shelf Plumbing!