Gas Line Repair and Installation

Yellow oil or gas pipe line valves with red adjustment wheels on top..

For Your Natural Gas Use

Gas line installation and repairs are important for any home or business as they ensure that the property is up to code with proper gas line pressures and use. When you need help with gas line repair or installations count on the qualified professionals here at Top Shelf Plumbing
in Huntington Beach, CA! We’ll be able to safely install and repair any line that may need help with diligent care and compliance with local building codes! If you have any questions regarding our processes and services do not hesitate to give us a call at 714-588-2406 !

Natural gas is three times as energy efficient than electricity with Gas options that carry AFUE ratings as high as 98%! AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency, essentially the percentage means that much energy is being converted into heat for your property. The remaining amount is therefore lost. (For your ducts this is not the case.) Additionally, the higher your AFUE rating the more you’ll cut down on costs!

When you’re experiencing a gas leak, it’s best to be safe and away from the property in order to prevent the risk of a spark being created from your cell phone. Any use of electricity, even shutting off your light can be a danger when there are high levels of gas in the air. Gas line repair is essential when you suspect there is a leak, hole or loose pipe connection. Oftentimes, older pipes will be more susceptible to damages and require special attention as time passes to ensure the safety of all occupants. When gas line repairs or installations are started we make sure to shut off the gas valve in order to avoid any further risks. It’s best to rely on a professional rather than expose yourself to gas leaks if ultimately damages to your gas line are present. Gas line installations are great for use with appliances and systems that are fueled with natural gas. Such use can be used in conjunction with furnaces, boilers, gas stoves, water heaters, fireplaces, grills, swimming pools or hot tubs.

Your gas line is an important part of your home or business. If you’re needing gas line installation & repair in Huntington Beach, CA we’ve got professionals who can help with
Top Shelf Plumbing! Call 714-588-2406 today!