Gas Leak Detection

Gas pooling on the ground.

Gas Leak Detection

A gas leak can be very dangerous to both the occupants of your home and your landscape surrounding your gas line. Gas leak detection in Huntington Beach, CA is something that everyone should be keen with as catching the signs and symptoms of a gas leak can prevent a fire, numerous repairs and even save lives. Be sure to make necessary gas line pressure testing adjustments with a professional when necessary. If you’ve determined that a gas leak is present in or around your property it’s important to evacuate the premises and reach a safe distance before engaging with a phone. Avoid using any electronic devices including cell phones, turning off and on light switches or devices as anything can set off a spark. Once you’ve reached a safe area, call 911 before giving Top Shelf Plumbing a call at 714-588-2406 for gas line repairs!

Signs of a Gas Leak

Be sure to trust your senses when you’re considering gas leak detection. Natural gas is actually odorless which is why distributors have added an odorant that smells like rotten eggs to assist those who use gas lines in gas leak detection. Be sure not to inhale too much of the scent as exposure to the gas can cause respiratory problems, light-headedness, and headaches. Another sign to consider are noises coming around the area of your gas pipes underground or above ground. If you’re hearing a keen whistle, hissing noises or unnatural roaring than these sounds indicate that there may be natural gas escaping due to a gas leak or ruptured line. Lastly, if you’ve been noticing odd occurrences on or around your vegetation on your landscape than it’s best to proceed with caution. What you may see surrounding a gas pipe leak is discolored vegetation like yellowing or browning or even dead plants. If you’re seeing dirt or water blowing abnormally in the air than this is a definite sign of a gas leak as the elements ultimately conflict and behave oddly when coming in contact with one another. If ultimately you’re feeling poorly or are unsure if you’re having a gas leak stay safe and cautious and give an emergency line a call for guidance!

Gas leak detection in Huntington Beach, CA doesn’t have to be tricky with the assistance of professionals who are trained to help! Call 714-588-2406 with Top Shelf Plumbing so you can have safe gas lines once more!